Upcoming Events

The 2021 Conference of the Comenius Academic Club

The 2021 Conference of the Club will take place on November 13 and 14 at the National Pedagogical Museum and Library of JAK in Prague. The program will include the following speakers:

The anniversary of the battle at the White mountain will be addressed by Jaroslav Pánek and Petr Vorel.

The medical section will include lectures by two very distinguished guests. The immunopathological mechanisms of kidney diseases and their implications for treatment will be introduced by Vladimír Tesař of the 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University. The newest approaches to treatment of malignant diseases will be addressed by Jan Brábek of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Charles University.

Special part of the program will be dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. The synopsis of the disease, including pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and sequelae will be delivered by Karel Raška. Libor Grubhoffer will introduce us to the essential, yet often poorly understood and controversial topic of Covid-19 vaccines. This section will be concluded by a lecture of another distinguished guest, Lukáš Kovanda, member of NERV, who will summarize the effects of the Covid pandemic on the economy of the Czech Republic.

The discussion of the current state of the evaluation of science and higher learning in the Czech Republic will be introduced by Jiří Málek.

The guided tour of the beautiful Museum and the living legend of Jan Amos Komenský will be conducted by Markéta Pánková.

We hope that no obstacles would prevent our conference this year and that we shall see most of you in Prague this coming November. The detailed program and eventual changes will be distributed in time.