#The Comenius Academic Club (CAC) is a part of the Czech and Slovak Solidarity Council (CCSC), an independent (non-profit) cultural organization based in New York City, NY.

Bringing together outstanding, internationally renowned intellectuals and artists, the CAC seeks to engage in advocacy in a variety of areas of general interest such as the organization and funding of science, healthcare, economy, education, humanities and culture.

The Club also seeks to connect researchers and decision makers as well as to communication with the general public. The consideration of issues and challenges will be independent of any interest group. At times outside experts will be invited into the debate.


  • Limited to a total membership of 30.
  • At the founding there were 23 charter members.
  • New members are nominated by at least two existing members for their contributions to science, the arts and/or humanities.
  • Members are elected for life by a 60% majority of existing members.

For a complete listing of all members of the #Comenius Academic Club please see: Members.