Comenius is devoted primarily to scholarly research in relevant academic disciplines within the humanities, arts, and sciences; memoirs or creative writing may be published in some cases. Ordinarily, manuscripts should be no longer than 25-30 pages. Book reviews should be 500 –700 words in length.

Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word with careful attention to diacritical markings. If available, please use the following font: Times New Roman, 12 point typeface. All portions of the manuscript must be typed and all pages numbered in the page header including the initial page. Book titles and non-English works should appear in italics. Endnotes should be used rather that the “Works cited” format or footnotes. Transliteration of Cyrillic should follow the Library of Congress method. For all additional matters of style, the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style should be consulted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in English as English is the language of publication. All submissions should be made via e-mail to the