Recent events


Members of the Comenius Academic Club met in Prague on October 11, 2017 to discuss the program of the 2018 conference. The next conference will take place between June 8 and 10, 2018 in Litomyšl. The humanities section will be devoted to the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Republic. The lectures will focus on history of Czechoslovakia in years 1918 -1948, Czechoslovak history under the Communist rule and also on the role of the minorities in Czechoslovak history. Special part of the program will be the oral history of reminiscences of important personalities from relevant times. Jan Nĕmeček and Francis D. Raška are responsible for the organization of the humanities program. The section on natural sciences will focus on the scientific basis of restoration of artistic and architectural treasures and on the newest aspects of nanotechnology and molecular biology. The organizer is Jíří Málek. On the program is also a discussion of the evaluation of science in the Czech republic. Members of the editorial board of Comenius introduced members to the contents of the autumn issue and reported that interest to publish in the journal is growing and allows strict editorial policies. Members approved to seek nominations for election to club membership, to be completed in December 2017.